My Files

Share important documents, pictures, and more.

Upload photos, report cards and other documents to share with your co-parent using the My Files tool in the Info Bank. You also have the option of uploading files privately to keep for your own personal records. Any attachment to messages or receipt files added to expenses will also be stored in My Files for a complete record of all document sharing. 

As a courtesy to our subscribers, we provide you with 1 GB (gigabyte) of storage space, but if you're the family photographer or an avid scanner of documents, you may require more space. 

3 GB | £14 / year

More than enough for a family who shares photographs every now and then, but mostly shares documents and scanned files. 

5 GB | £23 / year

Plenty of space for sharing photographs, scanned files, and regularly uploading documents. The Package A bundled subscription includes 5 GB of storage space at a reduced rate.

10 GB | £45 / year

Sufficient space for sharing any and all necessary documents and photographs.   


You may purchase additional storage during the renewal process. If you find yourself in need of more space mid-subscription, you can also upgrade at any time through My Account.