Create Check-ins and Moments entries in the Journal to share photos, special moments, and locations with your co-parent.


Share photos, special moments, and locations  

Log when you arrive to pick up the children—then capture the precious memories you make together. 

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What can you do with the Journal? 

The Journal has two features. Moments record memories with text, photos, and/or locations. Check-ins verify your arrival at a handover or other important location.

Show that you’re reliable

A Check-in logs your GPS location at the time of the Check-in. When you arrive at the right place at the right time, it’s on the record.  

A clear history of dependability helps build trust between co-parents—and between you and your child.

Stay connected when it counts

Post pictures that capture special Moments, like the league playoff game or the first post-braces smile. Help your co-parent stay connected to their child, for your child’s sake.

Sharing parenting time is a little easier when you can get a glimpse into your child’s life when you’re apart. 

Create a hub of memories

You can also choose to share Moments with your child, their grandparents, your legal professionals, or any other third parties connected to your account. For each post, you can select who has access (or just keep it private for yourself).

It’s like a private social media platform just for your family.  

Different ways to use Check-ins 

Anytime you want to confirm you are where you said you’d be, create a Check-in. Children and third parties can use them too! A Check-in can show that:

  • You’re on time at a handover 
  • Your co-parent attended an event 
  • Your child arrived at a friend’s house 
  • Your nanny picked up your child

And more. Your whole support system can use Check-ins to stay connected and keep tabs on important arrivals. And whenever you share a Check-in, your legal or mental health practitioners can see it and confirm that you’re sticking to the plan.  

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Features that save you time, trouble and tension 

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Whether a photo shows a missing-tooth or full marks on their Science test, it can help keep children and co-parents connected even when they're apart. Plus, it can document your children's childhood—which is valuable for everyone.

Add details
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Text can describe an important event, note crucial details, or even mention a problem. Whether your child broke a record at sports day or won an essay writing competition, the text box gives you room to explain.

Location and time
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Check-in locations verify your current location and time, showing that you’re a reliable presence in your children's lives. With Moments, you can select the location and time where the moment happened, even if you’re posting it later.

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Both Moments and Check-ins can be shared with your co-parent, your children, and any third parties like grandparents or childcare providers. It’s a simple way to share memories and events with people who care. (Any Journal entry shared with your co-parent is visible to their family law professionals.)

Why do people use OurFamilyWizard?

“I have found this resource to be invaluable in my coparenting journey. I love the new website design. The new check in feature is quite literally keeping me out of jail. What a godsend!” 

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What sets us apart

You won't find all these features together in any other app.

  • Journal
  • Secure photo sharing
  • GPS Check-ins
  • Robust access for professionals
  • Unlimited free, customisable reports
  • Dedicated server
  • ToneMeter™, an emotional spellcheck 
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Frequently asked questions

Have more questions? Contact Us. We’re happy to help.

Will the app track my location?

No—the OurFamilyWizard mobile app will only access your location if you are actively creating a Check-in or tagging a location with a Moment. Once the Journal entry is saved, the app will stop accessing your location. You can turn off this feature completely in your phone’s Location Settings. 

What’s the difference between a Check-in and a Moment?

Both tools can include photos, text, and locations. Moments can tag any location (or no location). But Check-ins can only tag a location within 150 metres of where you are—and they can only be added on mobile.

Are Check-ins and Moments private or shared?

Every Journal entry (whether a Check-in or a Moment) starts as private. To share, tap Sharing, then select the people you want to share the entry with—your co-parent, your children, or any third parties. Any shared entry can be viewed by your pros.

How do I know if my co-parent saw my Journal entry?

Every Journal entry shows a first previewed time when your co-parent opened the Journal and saw a preview of your post. It also shows a first viewed time, when they actually tapped on the post to view the whole thing. 

Document everything, easily  

  • Permanently document every entry
  • Record all photos and Check-ins in one place
  • Create custom PDF reports quickly
  • Save time, stress, and legal fees

Your professionals can download court-admissible reports, too.

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