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Real Reviews and Testimonials

I have to say I absolutely LOVE OFW! Every divorced couple should invest in this (even those who get along), it's just that good! What a useful tool to reduce conflict. I love the Info Bank. I can provide all information on the children there without contacting my ex. I can upload all court documents and parenting class certificates. Customer service is A+.. Both via phone and through the website, very prompt responses. I am so very thankful for this service.

- Trish L on 8/29/17

I rarely write in about service but I felt compelled to complement the help line and customer service with Our Family Wizard. I felt overwhelmed after receiving our parenting agreement and having my children's father set up calender incorrectly that did not reflect our parenting agreement. The staff quickly helped support me in setting up proper documentation and reassurance on how certain tools can support my circumstances. What appeared daunting in the first 24 hours quickly made for helpful tools instead of me lugging around a daytimer and notebook documenting. Thank you customer service and support staff!

- Elizabeth S on 6/12/17

OFW is a blessing. My ex wife and I have been divorced for over nine years and I was told it would get easier. Not even close. She has been a nightmare to coparent with. Then I begged for OFW after looking up "coparenting with a high conflict person". OFW allows the emotion to be taken out of the conflicts and you can treat the relationship like a business relationship. It has relieved a great deal of stress from not just me but the kids as well. The best part is that no more he said she said. It is all right there and can not be altered. You can print everything from correspondence to expenses. It also forces the conversation to stay non aggressive or attacking thanks to the tone meter. I feel relieved and I would strongly recommend it to anyone with the same struggles. It is empowering and is an awesome tool.

- Jeff R on 5/5/17

At first, I thought I would hate using this service. Now, I can't imagine my life without it. The only reason I have gotten more time with my daughter is because OFW exists. It has changed my life and without out, I wouldn’t even have close to the time that I have now with my daughter. The fact that the messages stick around, you can’t lose them, and they have time stamps on them has been huge. On OFW, I have crystal clear records that prove when my ex is not being truthful. When I walk into court and I show the evidence on OFW, it really makes a difference.

- Brendan on 4/17/17

OFW has been a H U G E blessing since being court ordered to use it. It has brought undeniable accountability to co-parenting my son, and the conflicts have become far less frequent. As a direct result, I have watched my son flourish and become confident and loving of both myself and his mother. No further need for counselling and a complete 180 with his academics. Thank you!

- Corey K on 4/3/17

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE your product. I work in IT in Higher Learning, and we support many types of technologies, vendor products, and solutions for our clients, but this is absolutely amazing. It reminds me of a Learning Management System, with robust features for file sharing, communication, analytics, and metrics. THANK YOU for this tool. I am so thrilled that the court has ordered myself and the other parent to utilise this technology as an essential one-stop for all of our communication and family law needs, thereby eliminating other tools that do not provide the same level of transparency, facts, and documentation to the courts. I look forward to using this technology for many, many years to come and the nominal fee is very reasonable as a solution to co-parenting with challenging individuals.

- Andrea on 3/29/17

OFW has been a tremendous tool since my divorce. The staff and customer support at OFW is unmatched. I have never encountered a more courteous and helpful team irrespective of the time of the day or nature of the call. I am grateful for tools like OFW which has helped with accountability and provided an objective medium. You certainly get what you pay for and more.

- Tope A on 3/14/17

Unlike most aspects of dealing with divorces and conflicting ideas regarding children, your service's customer service is a breath of air in a part of life that is drowning from a lack of communication.

- Anonymous on 10/26/16

I love this site. Because not only it organises everything for you. It also shows how the other parent acts with everything. I mean it was getting so painful with saving texts, emails etc etc. Now it shows how my ex is very controlling with situations for our daughter even she denys it. So I'm very thankful for this website. 

- Stephen on 3/17/16

I am so glad that we use this website and app..... it is VERY handy for not only relaying messages and putting things into the calendar but also the journaling aspect is handy for noting things daily, if need be. Both privately and so the other party can see. Eliminates the need for piles of notes and binders of papers. Keeps everything very organised for you to use, if need be. Wish we could go back to getting along like we used to be able to but this works well in alleviating unneeded conflict,usually. Very pleased with this so far. Big time & stress reliever.   :)

- Michelle M on 2/3/16

I tell everyone I can how useful, helpful the site is but your customer service support is beyond phenomenal.  Thanks again!!!

- Anonymous on 11/12/15

Great website. Really great tool. I am glad I am able to use this as a communication tool with my ex.

- Ricard W. on 4/2/15

This is a great website... It helps with documenting statements and showing facts.. It has helped my husband and I deal wth his ex wife at a distance which is better for all at this point.. It keeps the communication going on things we need to know about his daughter and my stepdaughter while keeping the drama away from the child. What a awesome tool to be able to utilize when personal meetings are just not the way.

- T. White on 4/2/15

I can now ask about our son while he is in his Dad's care without being told it's none of my business or intimidated, bullied or threatened. Thank God! I am one happy mother!

- A. Hopkins from Orange County, CA on 4/2/15

I think this Family Wizard is great, for a long time the ex-wife has done everything in her power to keep the Father out of sons life sent nasty emails ,name calling. At least now they can be looked at and they will stop. I wish we could have known about this years ago.... Put children first... Thank you.

- Concearned Mother from FL on 4/2/15

 I and my husband were very sketchy when court ordered to use OFW because of the herrassment that had taken place for the past six years but knowing that everything is documented and saved it gives us hope that this will work for our family.

- Bethany W. on 4/2/15

We were ordered to use Our Family Wizard because of accusations that certain parties were not receiving emails. Now, my child's mother cannot claim she didn't receive emails I've sent, and there is a saved record of our discussions. I wish she would utilize the tone meter, as her emails are still very accusatory, angry, and hostile. She still refuses to use it though. I feel more secure knowing that she cannot make anymore excuses regarding email communication.

- D. Duncan from FL on 4/2/15

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful site for separated family. I have dealt with a lot of harassing text from my ex and tried so hard to not respond to them. I even went as far as e-mailing all of them to my lawyer as he was blowing up my phone! I no longer have to deal with the accusations on how im living my life and what he thinks im doing or accusing me of being around a bunch of men!!!! we now have a record of EVERYTHING! I think the courts should have all custody/visitation cases use the family wizard because it would keep the parents out of the courts !!!!! It is well worth the $90.00 a year! I recommend this site to every one even if you feel you don't need it because you get along with your ex its still a good tool to use due the fact that you can keep track of your expenses for your children, doctor appointments, school and anything else of importance.

- Adrienne R. on 4/2/15

I find OurFamilyWizard to be an excellent tool/website for co-parenting experience for separated and divorced parents. It's easy to use, has many great features such as messaging (with time-stamped read confirmation), calendars, reminders, file-sharing section, school and other useful items/tools. This way better than e-mails or text messaging, and will avoid "I didn't get it in time" or "It got lost in the midst of all" -- Highly recommended. Thank you.

- S. Burda from PA on 4/2/15

Comfort - This is what I have received since utilizing this site. Comfort in knowing that communication with my ex cannot be tampered with. It has helped us make our communication more civil. Our family members appreciate being informed. The level of transparency in communication is excellent. Thank you Our Family Wizard!

- N. Carter from MD on 4/2/15

You shouldn't wait for a judge or a guardian to order you to use this. This is a wonderful program and it has helped our family tremendously.

- Tom on 4/2/15

WOW!! Wish I knew about this a year ago in the begining of all the madness. Takes out the he said she said and fake emails he produces. No longer can he verbal abuse me or put me down. A relief for my future and my childrens future.

- Krisitin S. from CA on 4/2/15

We love this website and believe it is an amazing tool for parents, especially if they don't get along! The calendar feature is great at keeping your personal appointments in there as a reminder of what may potentially conflict with a parents visitation time and allows the children to also see what appointments or activities are coming up. Great idea!!!

- Shawna and Chyke on 4/2/15

Great site. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all you do to keep this system running each day. I only wish I had discovered you sooner.

- Chace's Dad on 4/2/15

My ex-spouse and I were court ordered to subscribe to this website as part of our Joint Parenting Agreement and I am SO glad we were! We had a very high conflict, bitter divorce and we have to use this website for all communication regarding the children. It's perfect because it takes out the harassment of being contacted through my personal email where the other person can change things in the email chain or delete part of the chain. On Our Family Wizard, the other person can't edit things that you write, and everything is accounted for. THANK YOU FAMILY WIZARD! I have more peace of mind because of this website.

- Jane T. from Geneva, IL on 4/2/15

I wish the court had told us about Our Family Wizard 12 years. I have spent so many nights, struggling over medical schedules, parenting time, holidays and school schedules with my ex. The verbal abuse and psychological schemes from my ex-husband, will now cease. The calendar rocks! Again, thank you.

- Rhonda from MI on 4/2/15

I Have looked at this, and I think it will help with my divorce. It is really awesome!!!

- Jerry on 4/2/15

This site was referred to me by a mediator working on me and my ex husbands case. So far it has illuminated the harassing emails and calls I got from him and his Fiance on a daily bases. I'm still new to the site but things are looking up and I'm so happy he can't modify any communications anymore just to make me look like the bad guy. Now I can prove to court that I've been civil throughout this entire battle and only communicate when it regards our daughter. I think it's an amazing site and completely worth the registration fee.

- Michelle T. from CA on 4/2/15

I love Our Family Wizard, it allows me to communicate with my ex-husband without him being able to yell or say neggative things about me in front of our children. It also illiminates any of the name calling that his current wife use to do to me in the back ground. I'm soooooo glad that the court recommended this and the best part is that he can't lie or manipulate anything anymore because it's all documented: :-) Thank you so much to Our Family Wizard!!!

- S. Coursey on 4/2/15

4 yrs ago when I was ordered to sign up for this site by my exhusbands attorney; to say I hated the idea was an understatement. I REFUSED to pay another penny to get my ex to step up and be a father to his boys. That being said 4 yrs later...I am in LOVE with this site. It is amazing how it has stopped so many he said she said fights. And now we no longer communicated by phone. Everything is done on this site with a time and date stamp. As well as easy access for my attorney and judge to physicaly see and read the harrassing emails I used to have to listen to verbally. I have refered so many of my divorced friends and their friends to this site. To say this site is AMAZING is an understatement!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for my family!!

- D. Walker from OK on 4/2/15

I really like this web site. I find it very user friendly, quick and inexpensive. The support staff has always been helpful and courteous when I've called regarding my account. Thanks," Jai", for your help.

- Deborah P on 3/5/14

As a first time user the site was very friendly and allowed to me put in all my information in a way that did not take very much time. It will be nice to keep updating on the site for years to come.

- Eddie on 3/5/14

I am the Psychological and Parenting Consultant at the largest Family Law Firm in Montana. It is my job to help children and families navigate the treacherous waters of divorce and separation with minimal conflict and maximum cooperation and communication. I use OurFamilyWizard.com with our clients every day. This service represents a quantum leap forward in the technology available to help co-parents interact with minimal conflict.

At our firm it is not our goal to be in Court. We want our clients to stay in control of their lives and work toward agreed upon resolutions to their problems that are good for their whole family, but if we do end up in Court, we want to have the most credible argument. OurFamilyWizard.com helps us toward both of those ends. Imagine if every allegation that the other parent said something inappropriate or inflammatory was documented in writing and notarized. Imagine if there was clear evidence to support every claim that one parent contacted the other parent appropriately and the other parent failed to respond. The way OurFamilyWizard.com is set up, it effectively addresses the hearsay issues related to text messages, e-mail, facebook postings and other social networking media.

- Simon T. Fickinger IV M.S. from MT on 3/5/14

So many of the disputes that bring families back to court time and time again involve communication breakdowns. "Ourfamilywizard.com" provides families with an excellent communication vehicle that when used regularly should substantially reduce the need to come back to court. More important, regular use should help reduce the level of animosity between parents that can be so harmful to children. Even families not involved in court proceedings should benefit from "Ourfamilywizard.com." It is an effective tool that allows parents to plan and implement the kind of schedules and transportation demands faced by working parents with busy children.

- Judge James T. Swenson on 3/5/14

"The feedback I get from family lawyers and divorcing people is that The Family Wizard program is "the" best parenting program available for divorcing families, period."

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- Dan Couvrette on 3/5/14
"As a Family Lawyer and Mediator, I recommend that all parents sign up for Our Family Wizard as early as possible. I have found that this Website benefits divorcing parents and their children by giving tools to the entire family to plan for children’s events and locate necessary resources (dentist, soccer coach, grandparents’ summer address) with a minimum of possibly conflictual parental interaction. I am proud to have included Our Family Wizard on my website, have it available in my Client Library, and discuss it with clients at the first office meeting."

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- Forrest (Woody) Mosten on 3/5/14