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The app really helped with the communication between the parties, and I am no longer in contact with this client as she has settled her case. I recommend the app to all my clients.

Kirsty Leedam, Principal Associate, Weightmans LLP, 19/02/2024

We always recommend OurFamilyWizard to our customers when they need to communicate with the other parent regarding their children. We know that the communications are secure and all in one place. We have a similar model when we help people with their legal matters, and we think it helps enormously to keep everything together so that you can be free to deal with other aspects of your life.

Joanna Toch, CEO, Family Law Café, 07/02/2024

I became familiar with this app whilst at the English Bar. It took a while to catch on, but very quickly lawyers began to see the benefits of it. It is starting to gain tractions in Scotland now. It stands out as an invaluable resource for families, lawyers, and courts alike. 

This platform streamlines communication and coordination for separated or divorced parents, providing a centralised space for scheduling, expense tracking, and document sharing. Its transparent interface reduces misunderstandings and maintains a clear record of interactions, proving particularly beneficial for legal purposes. This secure and organised tool simplifies the complexities of co-parenting, offering a solution that promotes efficiency and fosters amicable resolutions for families navigating separation. 

Where there is a lack of trust, conflict or a more vulnerable party, the lawyer’s access feature can help mitigate potential issues arising. The app is extremely inclusive and accessible. It can be used all over the world and if one or other parent do not have the means to pay for the subscription they can obtain it for no cost, either by proving they are a legally aided party or by application from the professional they are working with. 

I consistently recommend OurFamilyWizard to clients as a key resource for effective co-parenting. I am not affiliated with the app in any way and these views are my own.

Emily Bradbury, Advocate, Westwater Advocates, 26/01/2024

I have found clients and other agents to be sceptical initially when I have mentioned OurFamilyWizard, but when I have discussed it fully and others have looked into it further, as well as being aware of the support from the courts of use of the app, it has been received well. My client who has recently used the app is in fact no longer a client as it has helped the parties communicate appropriately, and solved many of the issues that were arising between them previously. I have found the option of solicitors being able to access the app has also assisted as it appears to focus client’s minds and ensure that parties are being less reactive in their communication and really putting thought into the ongoing relationship and impact upon the child of communication between the parties. I’d highly recommend OurFamilyWizard to any family law practitioner as it’s another great option to have in your “tool kit” to assist clients.

Anonymous Family Law Professional, 23/08/2023

I was a bit sceptical as to whether using the app would really make a difference, as we’d tried to use other apps and email which had ended up in difficulty and to be honest had made the situation worse. My solicitor suggested using OurFamilyWizard due to the various additional features it has and essentially due to the accountability with our respective solicitors being able to access the app and anything on it downloaded for court proceedings if the need arose. Since utilising the app, it has made a huge difference. We are actually able to communicate with each other civilly and it reduces the ability for either of us to message in anger or upset, which was causing some of the problems via email and other apps. Neither of us are actually instructing our solicitors anymore as due to moving forward with the app we have reached a point where we can communicate in a better way, and the issues around handovers and the time we both spend with our daughter have reduced significantly. I’d recommend the app to any parents who are in a similar situation as it has made a huge difference to our situation.

Anonymous Parent, 23/08/2023

OurFamilyWizard is a vital tool in helping parents break the cycle of high conflict communication. The app’s simple, accessible yet sophisticated interface ensures all messages are in one place, which is a game changer for vulnerable clients, and its tone meter actively de-escalates heated discussions. The team are supportive, responsive and always helpful. I could not recommend it highly enough.

Anonymous Family Law Professional, 20/06/2023

I have found this app to be invaluable. It has stopped most of the communication issues I have had previously. I like the fact it is fully transparent in terms of when you have read your messages and response times. Also the tone checker has been useful, it just makes you think about getting to the point and taking the emotion out of comms. Noticeable on both sides. Certainly for my situation I would say it is a must have.

Anonymous Parent, 23/03/2023

I’ve found the professional account very beneficial – it has helped reduce legal costs for parents I work with because I am able to see what has been said in a straight forward way rather than trawl through messages across several different platforms.  It also means they feel more secure communicating with their co-parent knowing that it is an entirely secure messaging platform.  Since getting my professional account, another parent has signed up to OFW and another parent who was sceptical about the app is now keen to use it and is asking the court to order use of OFW at a final hearing.  After speaking with a UK team member about the features and functions, I now feel far more confident when talking to parents about how OFW works and how it can benefit their family.

Anna Jones, Solicitor at Tees Law, 15/03/2023

As a divorced co-parent myself, this is the tool I wish I had known about back during my own separation. Now as one of the UK’s leading Divorce Coaches, OurFamilyWizard is one of the first and primary practical resources I share with individuals and couples I work with, who need to find a way to simplify and streamline their co-parenting relationship.

Whether contentiousness is running high in the early days of your divorce, or even if it’s months and years down the line, we can all find ourselves struggling to keep track of all those digital communications with our ex. Text, calls, email, WhatsApp, social media, maintenance transfers, etc. OurFamilyWizard can help reduce stress and anxieties in our digital lives and those missed communications, by centralising everything all in one place.

In my professional capacity I have witnessed 10’s if not 100’s of clients now, who have found this straightforward product to be one of the main opportunities to help turn down the temperature dial on those difficult situations and has afforded them the choice to find a new and better way to work together, putting their children "in the centre, not the middle.

Tom Nash, Mr Divorce Coach, 08/02/2023

I think there are plenty of us who know families that would greatly benefit from the being able to communicate in a more productive, and less antagonistic, way.  For professionals, the reporting feature is a great tool to use in statements and correspondence with the co-parent’s legal adviser on matters where contact arrangements still might not be going to plan.  I cannot wait to get going!

Victoria Aked, Family Solicitor at Knights, 01/02/2023