Audio and video calls create a safe, secure place where you, your co-parent and your children can communicate in real time.


Stay connected to your children virtually with Calls

Audio and video calls create a safe, secure place where you, your co-parent and your children can communicate in real time.

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What can you do with Calls?

When you’re apart from your child, Calls keep you connected. 

Stay close when you’re apart

Calls aren’t just for scheduled indirect contact—they can be used for casual conversations with your child or your co-parent, too. Sometimes you just miss your children, or maybe they have news to share. And some co-parenting issues are easier to solve when you discuss them live.  

Hear each other’s voices, see each other’s faces and connect in the moment in a natural way. 

Virtual parenting time

For long distances, midweek visits, or when safety concerns prevent direct contact, the Calls feature offers an easy solution for virtual contact. If you’re building trust or working towards direct contact, documented audio and video calling gives you a simple way to connect.  

It’s convenient, secure and on the record. 

Automatically document your Calls

Gathering phone records is a time-consuming hassle, and the records don’t tell the whole story. But with Calls, the details are documented: all dates, times and in-call activity (like who starts the call and when anyone turns off their camera).   

The documentation is permanent, court-admissible and easy to download. 

Calls need consent from both parents

You can only place or receive a call if you and your co-parent both turn Calls on. And you can turn your consent on or off at any time. 

  • Manage your boundaries
  • Wait until you're ready
  • Stay in control
  • Follow your parenting agreement

Plus, Calls on OurFamilyWizard uses an internet connection, not your mobile data, so you never need to share your phone number. With Calls, you can stay safe, secure and comfortable while still staying connected. 

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Tools that save you time, trouble and tension 

Granting consent to receive audio and video calls

Your co-parent can’t call you unless you’ve turned on consent. You’re in control of your consent, and no calls can come through unless you want them to. 

Documentation of call activity from the OurFamilyWizard app

All calls are documented—not just when they happen, but also call details, like who starts the call and when someone mutes their microphone. 

Audio and video
Buttons for making audio and video calls on OurFamilyWizard

Calls offer two options: audio calls or video calls. Whether you want to hear your child’s voice or see their precious face, you have that option. (Consent is separate for each type of call.) 

No phone numbers are shared
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Because Calls uses an internet connection, not mobile data, we never need to share your phone number. Calls lets you connect with your child or co-parent while maintaining your privacy.

Why do people use OurFamilyWizard?

"If I could give 10 stars I would. I was skeptical at first how an app could help us in our situation but I have to say this is the best App and does everything a divorced or separated parent needs in order to communicate, calendar and document everything. Thank you for having such a great product."

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We set the standard 

You won’t find all these features together in any other app.

  • Consent-based calling
  • No phone number sharing
  • Call activity records
  • Unlimited free, customisable reports
  • Robust access for professionals
  • Dedicated server


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What exactly is documented?

We store a complete history of dates, times and on-call activity for audio and video calls, like who made the call and when your co-parent turned their camera off and on. 

Why can't I call my co-parent?

Your co-parent needs to consent to audio calls or video calls before you can connect through that type of call. 

Can I choose to only use audio calls or video calls?

Yes, you (and your co-parent) need to consent to each type separately. You can consent to one and not the other. 

How are calls placed if they don’t use cell service?

Calls use VoIP (voice over IP address), a calling technology that uses an internet connection rather than mobile data.  

Will my calls be recorded?

No, not at this time.

Document everything, easily

  • Permanently document every call
  • Track all calls in one place
  • Create custom PDF reports quickly
  • Save time, stress, and legal fees

Your professionals can download court-admissible reports, too.

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Keep your child connected to you and your co-parent through live calls. Ready to try it out?  

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