Expense Log

The math doesn't have to be hard.

A simpler way to manage shared expenses

The OFW® Expense Log allows you to track shared parenting expenses for things like unreimbursed medical costs, child support, and more. Categorise your expenses based on how much each parent is responsible for, and create clear, customisable reports in seconds. Having a solid picture of child-related spending can help you reduce financial stress and helps you stay focused on what matters most.

Upload receipts for each expense

Upload your receipts & create clear reports

Parents can upload receipts and invoices to each expense they create. More than just expense receipts, payment receipts for transactions made through means outside of OFW® are saved indefinitely.

The Expense Log calculates each parent's share of an expense based on its category and approval status. Customisable reports let you view your expenses based on categories, transactions, and more. Download these reports or print at home for no additional cost.

Your information stays protected

Your information stays protected

Since our inception, maintaining the security of your most important family information is our priority. We aim to provide you with easy-to-use tools that keep your information highly secure. 

All of your activity is protected with a username and password, multiple levels of encryption, firewalls, high SSL certificates, and more. Your expense entries are always protected from being edited or deleted by the other parent at any time.