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A Better way.

Learn how the OurFamilyWizard website is helping with shared parenting in the UK.calendar update

OurFamilyWizard is a combination of online co-parenting tools and mobile apps, originally developed in the US in 2001. The website is recommended and ordered by family courts throughout the USA and Canada as an aid to improve parental communication, promote amicable relationships and reduce children's exposure to conflict. Create child-focussed communications that make shared parenting easy.

The tools found on OFW provide communications that are segmented by topic area, providing both parents and the professionals who serve them with clear validated records of parental interactions. The site will remove the need for digging through hundreds of messages to find a simple detail like a child's last immunisation. Additionally, the tools allow a great deal of communication to take place out of the view of the child. Allowing for the child to focus on being a child.

Testimonials and Seals

OFW® won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award winner in About.com's "Best Online Communication Tool for Co-Parents" contest

I have to say I absolutely LOVE OFW! Every divorced couple should invest in this (even those who get along), it's just that good! What a useful tool to reduce conflict. I love the Info Bank. I can provide all information on the children there without contacting my ex. I can upload all court documents and parenting class certificates. Customer...
- Trish L on 8/29/17
I rarely write in about service but I felt compelled to complement the help line and customer service with Our Family Wizard. I felt overwhelmed after receiving our parenting agreement and having my children's father set up calender incorrectly that did not reflect our parenting agreement. The staff quickly helped support me in setting up proper...
- Elizabeth S on 6/12/17

Blog Posts

3 days 23 hours ago
No matter how old you might be, facing your parents' divorce is never easy. As a teenager, it can be even more challenging. Your emotions may already be running all over the place with everything you have going on at school, with friends, or in your own relationships. Yet the...
1 week 1 day ago
In a perfect world, after a divorce or separation, parents would be able to put the past behind them and come together as a team to raise happy and healthy children in a conflict-free environment. But in the real world, past hurt and heightened emotions often get in the way of...
2 weeks 23 hours ago
Supervised contact allows parents to build healthy foundations for future relationships with their children, and offers opportunities for healing past issues in a safe environment. Because of the importance of supervised contact, parents may end up feeling as if their entire...

The OFW® suite of tools has a number of functions, including:

Expense tool• developing communal calendars recording children’s arrangements - enabling both parents, and where appropriate children, to document agreed or court ordered arrangements and, where necessary, make appropriate changes
• keeping a record of parental communications - a safe, secure and low-conflict way for parents to communicate and share information. Every entry is documented with who made it and when and every page is stamped with the last time both parents viewed the page. If necessary the website can produce clear, reliable records for court use.
• sharing child-related expenses - to enable parents to meet expenses in a manner that can be easily tracked and without involving the children;
• providing a central, secure location to document and share important information about the family - to reduce the scope for unhelpful or conflictual communications.

The net result is that the necessity for expensive court applications is greatly reduced and parental co-operation is greatly increased.