Draft Order Template

OurFamilyWizard can be utilised before, during, or after the divorce or separation process. If the court is the process needed for a family, by stipulating to or ordering or suggesting that the Judge orders the use of OurFamilyWizard, family law practitioners can assist parents in finding their way forward.

In particularly high-conflict cases where parents may have a difficult time building a working co-parenting relationship independently, OurFamilyWizard provides tools to ease communication and places an emphasis on accountability.

The OurFamilyWizard toolset empowers parents to handle co-parenting matters in real-time. The tools generate accurate documentation of parent activity that combats "he said/she said/they said" confrontations. Not only can parents share information seamlessly, their efforts toward carrying out their parental responsibilities will also be thoroughly documented and accessible to practitioners. 

If you are a Judge and are considering ordering the use of OurFamilyWizard, or are a practitioner suggesting that a Judge order the use of OurFamilyWizard in your case, please see our draft order template below, where the language within can be used as a reference.