Info Bank

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The Info Bank on the OurFamilyWizard mobile app allows you to have your most important family information with you wherever you go. Medical information, insurance details, clothing sizes, and other vital details can all be stored in the Info Bank so you can retrieve the information you need right when you need it most. 


Basic Info Bank Entries

Many entries in the Info Bank are created using a similar template. Learn how to manage basic Info Bank entries with these tutorials.

> Learn how to create entries

> Learn how to update or remove entries


Family Vitals

Store key information for each of your children such as National Insurance numbers, clothing sizes, blood types, and more.

> Learn how to manage entries in the Family Vitals section of the Info Bank


Health Entries

The Health section of the Info Bank is your central location for storing important medical details about things like prescriptions, immunisations, procedures, and more.

> Learn how to manage Health entries in the Info Bank



Your MyFiles section in the Info Bank is a hub for all the files that you have uploaded or have been shared with you on OurFamilyWizard. Learn how to access images, videos, and other documents in MyFiles directly from your mobile device.

> Learn how to access documents within MyFiles