Useful OFW Tools for Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis

OurFamilyWizard has always been and continues to be committed to evolving and enhancing its platform and features. Even many of the most experienced practitioners might not know about all of the tools on OFW, some of which could prove indispensable to you and your clients during times of uncertainty and national emergency.

You and your clients might find the following tools to be particularly useful in the coming weeks:

  • The Health section of the Info BankHere, your clients may upload their child(ren)'s current medical details and provider information. This information is essential for parents to have on hand in case of emergency, whether related to COVID-19 or not.

  • Uploading documents to the MyFiles section of the Info BankClients may use this space to share necessary documents, including their order for child arrangements. Other important materials to share here through the COVID-19 crisis might include school-related documents such as remote learning assignments or communication from teachers.

  • Time Swaps in the CalendarHere, your clients may propose and document one-time changes to their regular child arrangements, which might prove increasingly necessary as school and work diaries are ever-evolving through the COVID-19 crisis. 

  • GPS-verified Check-ins in the JournalClients may memorialise their presence at contact exchanges, trips to the doctor, and other important locations.
  • Moments in the Journal: Clients can use Moments to share photos and updates with their co-parent as well as other family members. 

As a family law professional or mental health provider, you can concisely view the communication that transpires between parents, but you may also remind clients that during this time of heightened anxiety, the tools outlined above are available to them to ensure that all of their co-parenting communication is clearly documented in a safe and unalterable manner.

Additionally, you may find instructions on using these and other OFW tools in our Tips & Tricks section. In the Tips & Tricks section, we provide walk-throughs of the various tools that are available on the website and mobile apps for both parents and practitioners.