Creating a Journal History Report

View of journal report tool available on the OFW website.

Journal entries are a useful tool for recording memories and making notes. Individual entries will be displayed on the dates to which they are assigned and marked with a  icon.

You can view the entries for a particular date by clicking on this icon. However, if you'd like to review journal entries from a range of dates, it's simplest to use the Journal Report tool.


How to create a journal report

  1. Navigate to the calendar tab of your account.
  2. Click the  Report button located directly to the right of the  Journal button. 
  3. Filter the journal entries you'd like included in the report with the following criteria:
    1. Date range: Select the date range for the journal entries you'd like included in the report. Journals will be included based on the date to which the journal is assigned, not the date the journal was created or updated. 
    2. Created by: Select whose journal entries you'd like to be included in the report. Only entries that you have access to will be included.
  4. Once you've chosen the criteria for which journals to include, you can choose how you'd like the entries sorted in the report. Click on any of the fields in the grey bar above the journal entries to sort by date, entry, creator, last updated, and viewable to. 
  5. Click Print to download a copy of the report. 


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