MiD Mediation and Counselling

Family Mediation helps those involved in family breakdown to communicate better with one another and reach their own decisions about all or some of the issues arising from separation or divorce. We provide the mediator expertise, the legal and practical knowledge, and the safe environment, to be successful in resolving delemmas in at least 8 out of 10 cases; we at MiD have been helping families before, during, and after separation since 1983. In many cases, no more than three meetings are required to make a real difference to people’s lives. We also offer both child and adult counselling, with expert and sympathetic counsellors, to help family members at this critical time. For children, we provide a safe and neutral space for them to talk about their feelings, to minimise the effect of stress and anxiety, and to help them understand and accept the changes going on within their family. For adults, we offer counselling to individuals, to couples – and to parents who need time to adjust to a new set of circumstances.
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