4 Considerations When Remarrying After Divorce with Children

Help your kids cope with your new family arrangement before you remarry.

Remarriage after divorce is not uncommon, even for parents. In many cases, both individuals entering a new marriage each have children of their own from previous relationships. Children don't always understand the reasons behind their parents' divorce or why one or both of them are choosing to remarry. To children, this all might look like a terrible idea. 

If you're a parent and you or your co-parent are planning to remarry, it's important to find ways to help your children cope with this new family arrangement. If you're a bonus parent entering the picture, you will also play a role in helping the children adapt to the situation in a way that's only positive. Here are four considerations when remarrying after divorce with children.

Pace Your New Relationship

New relationships are always exciting. You feel hopeful about your new partner and maybe even start thinking about what the future holds for you. These feelings are reasonable, but remember that your children may be feeling quite sensitive about what's making you feel so happy. Pace your new relationship, even if you feel the urge to boost forward. Be mindful to introduce your children to your new partner once you know that your new relationship is committed.

Once they meet, allow your children and your new partner time to get to know each other and bond before you make any real decisions about remarriage. Not just for your children, this gives you and your new partner a chance to decide if this is what you both truly want.

Discuss Logistics

With your new partner, talk about how life will be like in your household once you get married. Your daily routines, house rules, and policies on discipline are all important to discuss before remarriage. Touch on how you will handle differences in parenting styles or conflicts that could arise with your (or both of your) co-parents.

What about finances? Expenses are an easy point of contention for any couple, especially if one or both of you are entering your remarriage with children. Being up front about these topics early on will help you to avoid future issues or miscommunications.

No Badmouthing

It's never a good idea to badmouth your co-parent in front of your children. It can be upsetting for them to hear, and it could unfairly influence their feelings about their other parent. On the flip side, it could drive them from you and your new partner post-remarriage.

No matter how you feel about your co-parent, keep your cool in front of your children. If you need to let out your feelings about your co-parent, do so in an appropriate place and time. Working with a therapist is an excellent option, as they can offer you neutral third-party advice.

While you work to not speak poorly of your co-parent in front of your children, ask your new partner to do the same. You should both be respectful of the other parents to each of your children and the relationships that they have with their children. 

Talk to a Lawyer

Remarriage after divorce sounds simple enough, but having children from a previous marriage could impact your decision. Depending on where you live, there may be a post-divorce waiting period that obligates a divorced individual to wait a certain about of time before remarrying. Your divorce agreement itself may lay out provisions for what happens when one of the parties remarries. 

Before making any plans to remarry, speak to your lawyer for guidance on how to move forward. They can help to assure that you take the correct legal steps before entering a second marriage.

Remarriage after divorce and blending families is a big task to take on. Yet when done well, the results can be incredibly rewarding. Before making the decision to remarry, take your new relationship slow. Get to know your new partner, and discuss all of your expectations for your new relationship. Always keep an open dialogue with your new partner and your children about emotions as you all go through this process. Remember to keep your comments in check when it comes to the other parent of your children, never badmouthing this person in front of your children.

Finally, discuss remarriage after divorce with your lawyer so that you are prepared to face any legal challenges that could arise. Considering these four tips can help you move your whole family forward in a positive way as you start a new family after remarriage.