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WOW!! Wish I knew about this a year ago in the begining of all the madness. Takes out the he said she said and fake emails he produces. No longer can he verbal abuse me or put me down. A relief for my future and my childrens future.
Krisitin S., 02/04/2015
We love this website and believe it is an amazing tool for parents, especially if they don't get along! The calendar feature is great at keeping your personal appointments in there as a reminder of what may potentially conflict with a parents visitation time and allows the children to also see what appointments or activities are coming up. Great idea!!!
Shawna and Chyke, 02/04/2015
Great site. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all you do to keep this system running each day. I only wish I had discovered you sooner.
Chace's Dad, 02/04/2015
My ex-spouse and I were court ordered to subscribe to this website as part of our Joint Parenting Agreement and I am SO glad we were! We had a very high conflict, bitter divorce and we have to use this website for all communication regarding the children. It's perfect because it takes out the harassment of being contacted through my personal email where the other person can change things in the email chain or delete part of the chain. On Our Family Wizard, the other person can't edit things that you write, and everything is accounted for. THANK YOU FAMILY WIZARD! I have more peace of mind because of this website.
Jane T. , 02/04/2015
I Have looked at this, and I think it will help with my divorce. It is really awesome!!!
Jerry, 02/04/2015
This site was referred to me by a mediator working on me and my ex husbands case. So far it has illuminated the harassing emails and calls I got from him and his Fiance on a daily bases. I'm still new to the site but things are looking up and I'm so happy he can't modify any communications anymore just to make me look like the bad guy. Now I can prove to court that I've been civil throughout this entire battle and only communicate when it regards our daughter. I think it's an amazing site and completely worth the registration fee.
Michelle T., 02/04/2015
I really like this web site. I find it very user friendly, quick and inexpensive. The support staff has always been helpful and courteous when I've called regarding my account. Thanks," Jai", for your help.
Deborah P, 05/03/2014
As a first time user the site was very friendly and allowed to me put in all my information in a way that did not take very much time. It will be nice to keep updating on the site for years to come.
Eddie, 05/03/2014

I am the Psychological and Parenting Consultant at the largest Family Law Firm in Montana. It is my job to help children and families navigate the treacherous waters of divorce and separation with minimal conflict and maximum cooperation and communication. I use OurFamilyWizard.com with our clients every day. This service represents a quantum leap forward in the technology available to help co-parents interact with minimal conflict.

At our firm it is not our goal to be in Court. We want our clients to stay in control of their lives and work toward agreed upon resolutions to their problems that are good for their whole family, but if we do end up in Court, we want to have the most credible argument. OurFamilyWizard.com helps us toward both of those ends. Imagine if every allegation that the other parent said something inappropriate or inflammatory was documented in writing and notarized. Imagine if there was clear evidence to support every claim that one parent contacted the other parent appropriately and the other parent failed to respond. The way OurFamilyWizard.com is set up, it effectively addresses the hearsay issues related to text messages, e-mail, facebook postings and other social networking media.

Simon T. Fickinger IV M.S. , 05/03/2014
So many of the disputes that bring families back to court time and time again involve communication breakdowns. "Ourfamilywizard.com" provides families with an excellent communication vehicle that when used regularly should substantially reduce the need to come back to court. More important, regular use should help reduce the level of animosity between parents that can be so harmful to children. Even families not involved in court proceedings should benefit from "Ourfamilywizard.com." It is an effective tool that allows parents to plan and implement the kind of schedules and transportation demands faced by working parents with busy children.
Judge James T. Swenson, 05/03/2014