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OurFamilyWizard is specifically designed to reduce the stress of managing family plans across separate households. It even has a clever communication device which prevents you from sending any unnecessarily rude or critical messages. Excellent for keeping notes for medical records, holidays, sharing pictures. As a family practitioner specialising in both mediation and court work with Anthony Gold LLP, it is something I recommend regularly. Often when a part-time Judge in the Family Court I have included OurFamilyWizard as the method of communication between parties and I have seen this thoroughly endorsed by CAFCASS too.

DDJ David Emmerson OBE, 17/02/2021

I like the fact what's here has to be looked at by the courts in court proceedings. That tends to keep parties somewhat "honest" when they are in court. Before this my ex would lie to the courts constantly about things I said or didn't say to her and of course the courts would choose to believe what she says over the truth. With this in place she can't do that anymore.

Google Play Review, 14/01/2021

Makes communication with your child & other parent so much easier. It eliminates that he said, she said scenario cuz our family wizard logs messages, events &/or parent time put on the calendar(which can only be changed or deleted by the person who put it on the calendar). I also like the feature on the calendar that lets you set-up & sends out a reminder on said day of activity &/or parenting time. There's a lot more this app can do just haven't discovered it all yet.

Google Play Review, 26/12/2020

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mitch who is one of the customer support personnel. He had helped me navigate through this App because of it being the first time using and experience [with] the App. I couldn't have more satisfied with his professionalism and guidance. Although I haven't got a chance to actually use this App or comment on it's potential. I already feel like it will assist me because of the positive encounter I had from the customer support team (Mitch) and the help he had provided.

Google Play Review, 13/12/2020

I have seen lots of clients already finding this programme to be really helpful in defusing conflict and build better communication even in really high conflict situations.

Edward Cooke — Resolution Accredited Family Solicitor, Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer, 20/10/2020

Good app with excellent customer service reps who understand all the needs of their customers. They helped us immediately & were very accessible for follow-up (which is rare these days)! The reason for using the app is never fun, but whether court ordered or not, I highly recommend this app if there are contentious or volatile communications with coparents. It relieves you of the he said/she said and avoids "lost" emails and the usual misunderstandings that result from poor communication.

Google Play Review, 30/08/2020

I’ve been using this app for the last 2 years and must say that it is the only way my Ex will communicate. He will not communicate through normal texts, and most times does not even “read” my emails on “OFW” until days later. The good thing about that is it details when the other parent reads the email. Also, the app is great for documentation, for keeping track of our son’s medical/dental/therapy appointments etc. Also, ‘OFW’ has a great customer service and technical support team: even during the pandemic they have helped me navigate through issues and went above and beyond. If you are like me, and having to choose an App for ‘Co-parenting’ look no further: ‘OFW’ has you covered.

App Store Review, 24/08/2020

Changes in technology have made it quicker and easier to communicate. Parents are able to communicate with their children better than ever before when they are not in their care. In this day and age, conversations can be digitally manipulated at the click of a button. OurFamilyWizard is able to help separated families communicate more effectively and co-ordinate arrangements for their children. Tools like OurFamilyWizard encourage parents to have more amicable communications, putting the focus on their children.

Resolution, 10/08/2020

This app massively unburdens parents from stressful co-parenting situations. Everything is logged, clearly organised, viewable by a judge, a great way to distance yourself from a toxic co-parent and keep things simple and streamlined for the benefit of the child.

Google Play Review, 05/08/2020

I am finding that most people immediately see great value in using OurFamilyWizard and are very enthusiastic to proceed with it. It is reassuring to find that OurFamilyWizard genuinely presents a solution to a very real and difficult problem. The work that OurFamilyWizard is doing is so very necessary!

Camilla Bindra-Jones, Stokes Solicitors LLP, 05/08/2020