What is an easy access PIN? How do I create one?

An easy access PIN will allow you to bypass the use of your username and password and instead log into your professional account using a four-digit code. This code will only work when logging into your account on the OFW app for practitioners for iPhone or iPad.

Navigate to Manage PIN.

To create and manage your easy access PIN, start by logging into the OFW app. In the left navigation, go to "My Account." Next, tap "Manage PIN" and select "Set PIN."

Set your new PIN

Create your PIN.

Enter and confirm your four-digit PIN code. Once confirmed, your easy access PIN will be active. Next time you log into your professional account on your OFW app for iPhone or iPad, you will be prompted to use your easy access PIN. If you use both apps, you should set an individual PIN for each. 

If you wish to change or disable your easy access PIN, you may do so anytime from the Manage PIN menu in My Account on the OFW app.

  • Select "Change PIN" to set a new four-digit easy access PIN.
  • Select "Disable PIN" to disable your current easy access PIN. If disabled, you must log in to the OFW iPad app using your username and password.