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Court Ordered in all of the 50 US states and 5 Canadian provinces.

Hundreds of family law judges, justices and magistrates in the US and Canada are ordering families to use the OurFamilyWizard website in contested cases. The reason is simple. Families who use the website return to court far less often and in some cases never. Providing parents with tools to help them to handle their situations and issues is a far better long-term solution for the children than having to rely on return trips to court.

Accurate records of what was, and what was supposed to be, are easily available.

It is important for family courts and judges to be able to distinguish between what was planned to happen and what actually happened. On the OurFamilyWizard website it is easy to make this differentiation. There are rules built into the system to protect the integrity of information received. In addition, features work in conjunction with each to present the clearest picture of what was supposed to happen compared with what really happened.

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OFW® won the 2012 Reader's Choice Award winner in About.com's "Best Online Communication Tool for Co-Parents" contest

I have to say I absolutely LOVE OFW! Every divorced couple should invest in this (even those who get along), it's just that good! What a useful tool to reduce conflict. I love the Info Bank. I can provide all information on the children there without contacting my ex. I can upload all court documents and parenting class certificates. Customer...
- Trish L on 8/29/17
I rarely write in about service but I felt compelled to complement the help line and customer service with Our Family Wizard. I felt overwhelmed after receiving our parenting agreement and having my children's father set up calender incorrectly that did not reflect our parenting agreement. The staff quickly helped support me in setting up proper...
- Elizabeth S on 6/12/17

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In a perfect world, after a divorce or separation, parents would be able to put the past behind them and come together as a team to raise happy and healthy children in a conflict-free environment. But in the real world, past hurt and heightened emotions often get in the way of...
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Supervised contact allows parents to build healthy foundations for future relationships with their children, and offers opportunities for healing past issues in a safe environment. Because of the importance of supervised contact, parents may end up feeling as if their entire...