Solicitors and Barristers

Use parenting tools with a proven record of success.


OFW is a great tool for family law solicitors and barristers

The OurFamilyWizard tools have a proven history of success.

Lawyers across the world are using the OurFamilyWizard website to improve their clients' outcomes and improve their practice's efficiency.
The tools the site provide can dramatically reduce conflict and shield the children from adult conversations.   Moreover, with the OurFamilyWizard professional account, you can interact with the families you work with in real time and provide more satisfactory results.

Because of the site's effectiveness, families in both the USA and Canada have been ordered to use the site.  Many families in the UK are deciding to include the use of the site in their court orders.  Whether it be by court direction or by recommendation, OFW can help nearly any family improve their organisation and communication skills.

Cooperative Parenting - Like a badge of honour

The right online tool will show which parents are being productive and which parents are not.  The purpose for using an online tool is to help bring about a working relationship within the family.  Parents are able to share information without confrontation, show that they are willing to communicate and are fulfilling their parenting responsibilities.  If both parents are fulfilling their responsibilities, the family unit as a whole will be much stronger.

High Conflict Parenting - Accurate records

Help your client prove that they are meeting their parenting obligations.  A parent can show that they did indeed notify the other parent of parents’ evening or anything else they may need to share.  Eliminate the “he said/she said” with the power of accurate documentation of information exchanges.